Why Wholesalers Will Face Great Competitive Pressure´╝č

wholesalers will face great competitive pressure. If you want to stand out, you need to start from the direction strategy, market layout, customer positioning, and product positioning.

Many new doll sellers

try to open online or offline stores to do business, but they lose money or close their stores in a short time; some have been in business for many years but have not done well.

The main reason is that the products have no characteristics, and blind discounts and price cuts cannot attract consumers to buy.

We are an OEM factory

focusing on the doll industry for 36 years. We have a deep understanding of the development of the entire doll industry and the entire production process, including packaging design to logistics and transportation. We know how to help buyers avoid stepping into minefields.

Doll are a very personal appearance

Because different people have different preferences.

Customization is the right way to start with low MOQ. Product differentiation can avoid price competition among peers and obtain better profits.

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