Turkey-syria Earthquake

Taiwanese reports: On February 6, two powerful earthquakes measuring 7.5 and 7.8 struck southeast Turkey, near the border with Syria. The news is filled with images of collapsing buildings and reports of casualties. In response, Taiwan has dispatched a rescue team of over 100 individuals in three groups to assist in the relief efforts.

Turkey Earthquake

Turkey Earthquake

As a person over 60 years of age with my own family, it is devastating to see the aftermath of the disaster. The images of children trapped in the rubble and a young girl crying for help as she supports her younger brother breaks my heart. The stories of those who have lost everything, including loved ones, are truly devastating.

Even though I am not Turkish, I can still feel the pain and empathy for those affected. We are all part of the global community, and every life is valuable and deserving of respect. While I am filled with sadness, I pray for strength and hope for those affected by the earthquake.

Come on, Turkey & Syria ~