Reborn Doll – is a really interesting topic. as far as we know the realistic vinyl dolls are super popular in many countries. 

When we own an adorable kids doll, it can bring much fun to you. Why do I say that?

First of all, the doll artist spent countless hours on creation, painting, sewing or rooting hairs with accessories designing, Therefore, a perfect doll is a work of art and collectibles. 

In here, I will take the reborn baby doll as an example to share with you what can we do a reborn doll?  Under have 5 step:

#1. After you get the reborn doll, please do treat them like a real baby and have play time with your reborn doll, just like the real parent to accompany the real babies.

#2. Give your baby doll a nice name, it can make you and your doll more intimate.

#3. Get them some baby items from toys shopping mall, such as a crib, a booster seat, a nipple and a feeding bottle,etc.

#4. Buy some beautiful clothes to dress up your barbie. You can try to DIY clothes if you have some great idea.     Actually, there are many video on YouTube, you can learn how to make the pretty clothes for your baby from there.

#5. Take your doll out in the public, try to introduce them to other lovers and even take pictures with them for cherishable memories. 

If you ask how to custom your own doll?  I am pleasure to tell you.

Everyest Corporation is a professional doll factory with 36 years experience. You definitely can get a unique lifelike newborn doll from us. In addition, if you got any wonderful idea in your mind, welcome to share the loving of reborn dolls with us.

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