Qing has sewing clothes

My Goodness! Our lovely Mrs. Qing  has recently become a favorite of our sales department and become a big Internet Celebrity.

Recently Qing has become very busy, Cause her doesn’t even have time to accompany her husband to appreciate at the moon festival (we just finished the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Sep. 10th to 12th).  As we are OEM manufactory,After receiving orders from many customers, she have to help make doll clothes. Because Qing has been serving Everyest Corporation for 10 years, she is a skilled doll sewing master. Qing personality is fast in speech and quick in action. A set of doll clothes can be sampled within 4-6 days from the draft pictures provided by the guests to the procurement of various materials in the textile fabric market.

The key point is Qing make out the doll sample clothes, and after our art team took photos to customers or sent samples to customers, they always say good, very good. Some customers send 5 ~ 6 photos of doll clothes after receiving the first sample. Therefore, recently, Qing is busy making the samples for our customer business in 2023, but Qing just is only one person, and the customers have some orders, so everyone has to wait in line.

Therefore, she has become a popular brand among the salespeople. In our company, we often hears her colleagues sweetly Shouting “My dear sister, dear sister”.  How old is Qing that is a big secret; But I can tell you her daughter is 20 years old. Amazing!