• fancy bjd dolls
  • fancy bjd dolls
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NO. EC-18124
Material: Full Vinyl
Size: 18 Inch
Customized service: Sculpturing new doll design, or designing doll by using our mold, please feel free to contact us.

About us:
— Rich industrial experience, our company was established in 1987.
— Strong Customized Ability, we can get 90%-95%similarity rate according to your requirenments.
— Professional team and service, like deisgner, tailor, sample master, engineer, sales-man and workers etc.
— Safty Raw Material,  it can pass all of testing certification, like EN71,ASTMF963, ISO, CPC etc.
— High Quality products, Fair price, Fast Delivery Time.

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dress up bjd dolls

Doll Head Details

American BJD girl doll have delicate paint, brown eyes, pink cheeks, delicate lips, long and smooth blonde curly hair, can be put in a variety of poses and  with a sweet smile

If you like this doll mold, we can help you to custom it according to your ideas. including changing eyes color, logo, make-up printng, skin tone, hair, clothes, shoes deisgn etc. If you want to custom you r deisgn doll, we can help you to sculpture new doll and custom exact details.

Smooth Hair

High quality  hair wigs, thick and smooth hair, no exposed skin, simulated color, not easy to lose hair, not easy to knot, easy to take care of.

nice bjd doll hair wigs
vinyl doll limbs

Surface Details

Made of high quality eco-friendly vinyl material,

healthy and safe, simulated skin, head and limbs can be moved, it can be different post. The quality can pass ISO, EN71, ASTM F963, and CPS etc.

Fashion Clothes

A v-neck sleeveless dress with a geometric African print.

It was a popular pattern, bright color scheme,

With an original cross headband and a pair of small shoes for a fashion trend.

handmade dress for bjd dolls
realistic doll shoes

Cute Shoes

Fine  PU leather shoes,

High quality materials and durability,

Look sweet and lovely,

Easy to wear and take off, fit the doll’s feet,

Can be matched with a variety of skirts