Material : Eco-feirndly ABS  with Meatl

Size: TS-16

Customized service:  different doll eye type( moveable eyes, fixed eyes, glass eyes), different color, different size, please feel free to contact us·

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Movable Blinking Eyes

Movable eyes for dolls of various colors and sizes. Eco-friendly ABS movable eyes using imported raw materials production, not easy to break, not easy to scratch, not easy to blister, not easy to fade, high transparency, high degree of imitation, can be customized eye color and sizes, suitable for all kinds of glue doll. The doll’s movable eyes are realistic and come with thick, long lashes.

Movable Blinking Eyes

Show the doll eyes from different angles

Movable Blinking Eyes

Eyelid color, as picture. But Different eyelid color can be customized.