Preserve Your Doll

Many people store dolls in basements and attics. These areas experience varying temperatures, including high humidity, which can irreparably damage your collection. An excellent way to control moisture damage is to have a dehumidifier to help control the temperature. The combination of the right type of containers and packaging materials will help reduce moisture in your collection and help prevent damage to your valuables.

When it comes to containers and packaging materials, it’s important to make sure you choose the right storage container for your collection. Plastic bags and general cardboard boxes should not be used to store your dolls and doll accessories. These types of containers have a higher chance of absorbing moisture, leading to mold growth, and using the original cardboard box for storing dolls is a mistake. The best way is to wrap your dolls in acid-free paper or gauze, if you choose to store your dolls in their boxes. Another thing to do is to prevent the doll’s clothes from getting wet, which is especially important if stored for a longer period of time. Lay the doll flat to prevent breakage of clothing, and make sure that the doll’s eyes and face are away from sharp objects to avoid eye damage.

Doll metal accessories such as jewelry, headbands, or any other type of metal must be removed before storage. If there is moisture, the metal will rust, and be sure to keep it out of your storage area, as it can cause discoloration on the doll’s surface.

Remember to check your doll storage at least once a year to make sure all dolls are free of damage. You should watch out for moisture or bugs to prevent corrosion of the toy itself.