Every little girl always dream to own a beautiful reborn baby doll, because this is one of best gift in their childhood memories.

We all know the kids are in secure, they wish to get more love and accompany from their parents, but sometimes they feel lonely when the adults are busy for work.  At this time, if they have a doll to accompany them like parents. The kids also can play games with the toy dolls, just like playing with their friends. It can thus be seen, the doll is not just a toy, the greatest value is to bring more joys and security to children.

Reborn baby doll have always been popular with kids, and even adults, since they are quite realistic baby dolls and look like a real baby. There are so many doll artists even regards these reborn dolls as collectibles.

Everyest also created some new featured reborn dolls, all of them are handcrafted art doll built from blank kits, which are welcomed by our clients. If you are the first time to get know about the baby dolls, you will not be able to tell the difference between a reborn baby doll and a real baby. I’d love to share with you something, why it’s worth having a baby doll from Everyest.  

1Look like real babies, 95% close to your wishes.

2: Accompany kids like parents or friends, or use for “parenting practice”

3: Passed US&European safety toy test, quite safe for babies.

4: One-stop shop for dolls,doll clothes&accessories and packaging design.

5:Located in China, can provide high quality but low-cost dolls. 

Today I would like to show this image about one of our cute reborn baby doll to you, you’re welcome to contact us to get more realistic details and wonderful story about this sleeping doll. 

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 A reborn baby doll

reborn baby doll