Mid-Autumn FestivalMid-Autumn Festival

My Dear Friend,

In September 10th to 12th, we have 3 days holiday. The reason is: to celebrate our traditional Chinese festival, which is the second most important festival of the Chinese year – “the Mid-Autumn Festival”. You live in North American, European, Middle Eastern,African, Australia, maybe you’ve heard that China have this festival in the past; or, you haven’t heard of it, maybe you don’t know.

In brief, this holiday is a bit like”thanksgiving Day” in the West, every family will gather to eat moon cakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. At this time of year I am grateful – to everyone who has helped me in the past, who has supported me in the baby doll business. Because of your help and support along the way, Everyest Corporation would not be able to grow, and we would not be better where I am today. So let me thank you again! My dear friend.

P.S. The round ball is represents moon, and there is a female image in it. We call her “goddess in the moon”, She was flying to the moon in our story.  the Mid-Autumn Festival  The story is not long and not difficult to tell, blush meets, and blush ends. In short, the meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival is – happiness, beauty and completeness.