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Do you to know how to make doll hair wig. Come onplease follow my words. 

The Production process have 12 steps as follow:

#1. Material preparation: Purchase raw material, such as hair fiber, mesh cloth 

      and thread etc .  

#2. Comb hair & Cut Combing hair fiber on steel comb which make fiber smooth 

     Cutting hair length.

#3. Dry & Comb & Weight: Blow-draw the cut hair , re-comb the hair, and 

     weigh the hair.

#4. Making hair fiber get curly or straight.

#5. Sewing hair weft.

#6. Hair weft will be sewn on the hair net.

#7. Make final hair style.

#8. The wig was left to dry on a shelf.

#9. Trim thread end.

#10. Quality control

#11. Packaging wig.

#12. Shipping


How To Define A Top Quality Doll Hair

Usually, We customize the doll hair and materials for all the wigs, you just need to send us a picture, which is based on your design idea. Thus, we can achieve 95% similarity. Now our customized wigs are sold all over the world, such as Europe, America, Africa, Australia and so on. Strong customization capability, high quality wig products and professional service are our advantages.

Therefore, if you want to customize your wig at our factory,  please provide us under 5 mesages.

#1. Head circumference

#2. Hair style Hair color

#3. Weight and length

#4. Hair material Requirements

#5. Packaging

As you know, the hair has very strong beautifying effect for a person or doll. For example, a person with beautiful hair will definitely make that person look the different. Maybe a new hairstyle changes the way a person looks, and the same goes for dolls. Little girls love their hair even more, they are more than happy to comb and take care of the doll’s hair, and give the doll the hairstyle they want, thus the quality of the doll wig is very important.

If you are looking for cheap with quality doll hair wig , Contact us now.

doll hair wig

doll hair wig


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