doll clothes's paper pattern
doll clothes

A doll clothes depends on the designer’s point of view. Her occupation will make her sensitive and professional. She will describe it according to the market’s response, she will describe it according to the needs of customers. Trends in the market are then judged based on big data. Of course, She is not 100% perfect that she is unable to 100% hit target of the time, all the famous costume designer in France also can’t 100% hit target. But the hit rate is definitely several times better than our average consumer or a retailer who only relies on his own preferences. The doll in this picture was designed by Mrs. Jennifer and her assistant. Mrs. Qing spent half a day cutting & sewing the clothes, combining them into a cute dress, and wearing it on a one-year-old lifelike doll.

Wow..! A short-sleeved suit printed with a small orange pattern and a pair of small shoes with the same color with a little bow. The baby doll is holding a baby bottle, which makes it more cool and cute in summer day, especially when she deliberately wears the dolls hat that does not fit the size. The big hat almost covers half of the child’s head, which makes the whole set of clothes and the whole pair look cute. Which satisfies all the Mom…..

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