About Designing AI color box for american girl doll: the color box packaging design is the designer based on a certain idea to shape, decoration, color three appropriate processing, in order to attract people’s aesthetic feeling and attention and conscious creation and operation of the performance.

What is a professional doll team?

What is a money-saving team?

We own a professional design team, which can help you save the design cost and time.

All you need to do is just provide us with a few pictures, tell us your story and ideas about the doll brand, and we can help you design the perfect color box.

A perfect color box needs the following elements

1.   Show the doll in full details.

2.   Doll Brand simple introduction.

3.   Color tones should match to the doll’s story,attract consumers

4.   Warnings requirements in International toy standards

5.   The mark of the test certificate issued by the testing company.

6.   Complete company information.

7.   Good quality, can protect the doll well.

Here I would like to show you an example, one of our designer is working for 14 inch box for our clients.

What are you waiting for? 

Everyest has everything you need to personalize your doll brand packing box.

Designing AI color box

Designing AI color box