American Doll Clothes

American Doll Clothes


Hey Guys, nice to meet you, I’m Lucia, a professional American doll and doll clothes sales, I’m more dedicated to wholesale and customized products. 

Today I want to talk to you about American doll clothes. Of course, I believe that you who are very professional should understand the importance of clothing to people. Similarly, clothing is of great significance to dolls, a living product. An experienced professional master can better match your design ideas and offer some good suggestions to you. At the same time, a professional supplier understands what you want better and makes communication easier. Do you know when we require customized similarity, we also have high requirements for quality, which has always been the pride of our factory. Strong customization ability, high-quality products and high profession are the advantages that distinguish us from other manufacturers, and also the reason why we have been standing in the market since 1987.

OK, Let’s go to know what’s the process of custom your doll clothes at our factory.

First of all, we need the following information before we start to customize, the information is as follows:

1. Pictures: Please take a picture to let us know the style of clothes you want, we can generally achieve 90%-95% similarity. (If you need Logo or pattern design, please provide PS, AI and other documents. If you do not have these, please send pictures so that our designers can make design drawings.)

2. Size: Please let us know the size of the clothes, here are three options.

1) Exact dimensions, such as waist circumference, hip circumference, shoulder width, sleeve length, sleeve fat, etc

2) For regular dolls, just tell us the size of your doll. For example, you want to custom 18 inch American Girl Doll Clothes.

3) Please send us your doll or sample clothes, the size will be perfect.

3. Cloth label and tag requirements.

4. Packaging requirements.

5. Deposit.

Then, our professional master will make samples. She need to know the size and style, prepare the fabric and accessories, draw the cardboard, cut the cardboard, sew the clothes, trim the excess thread and so on.

Finally, we will take photos and videos to confirm with the customer. If the customer is not satisfied, we will modify it. If the customer is satisfied, we will send the sample to the customer. Here is a customized case for your reference.


Are you still looking for a high-quality professional factory to customize and produce your doll clothes? Here is a factory with more than 30 years of experience, we are waiting for you.

Thanks for reading patiently.

Have a nice day^^

Lucia Feng

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