How to Preserve a BJD Doll?

1. Keep the doll dry and clean. If it is usually stored in the closet, please place moisture proof agent or bamboo charcoal bag in the closet.

2, try not to let the doll's body touch the water, if you have to touch the water because of the filming needs must be thoroughly dried doll can be put away. Avoid rust of the S hook inside the doll because of moisture.

3. Please choose light colors for all the dolls' intimate clothing (such as underwear and vest, etc.), such as flesh color, pink and white. Do not choose black, dark blue and other dark colors, to avoid clothing faded and dyed on the doll.

4, the doll into the bag or sleeping box, to wear a mask for the doll, to prevent makeup damage in friction, or eyelashes are crushed.

5. If sleeping in a box for a long time, please try to keep the doll completely naked (no wig, no clothes) and the cover must be light color.

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