Background and Development of Porcelain Doll

Porcelain doll is a kind of handicraft. Rich expression, vivid expression, sitting or standing, laughing or crying, or angry or happy; Graceful, charming: witty, innocent, natural, elegant, or classical; Dress dignified, graceful and romantic, different dress design style reflects the originality that shows a designer and change ordinary for magical inspiration.

Porcelain dolls originated in Germany, has a history of more than 130 years, in foreign countries, especially European and American countries, ceramic dolls is a traditional gift, collection of good goods, there are a large number of ceramic doll collectors.

The so-called porcelain doll, only the head, hands and feet are ceramic, not all ceramic in the sense of composition. Now domestic also appeared to use high-grade plastic parts instead of ceramic parts, to avoid the problem of fragile ceramics, but also to avoid plastic aging, color of skin is not realistic. Its body is cotton, the outside also like people, wear a variety of clothes, the doll's clothing design, is the soul of the doll, the designer put all the efforts into it.

Porcelain doll skin color is lifelike, modelling is moving. Gift others, more than a heart of communication, humanistic care; Collection in the bedroom and living room, more remarkable master's taste; To meet friends with dolls, more natural elegance; Give it to your child to develop a rich sense of love. Ceramic dolls are really rare and excellent craft gifts.

After The opening of China, the production center of ceramic dolls was transferred to China, and a large number of large foreign trade enterprises and production backbone emerged. There are only two styles of porcelain dolls in China: Victorian style, classical and luxurious; Leisure style, pay attention to relaxed and natural, plain and simple, more close to life.

Domestic porcelain dolls are further extended to low-temperature ceramics, which can be used to make a piggy bank. It is not easy to damage, and the surface is smooth. Shanghai Xinle company further developed the color box packaging, special for storing ceramic dolls, easy to transport. And the color box with the corresponding color map, can be convenient for children to compare the picture to color.

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