American girl Doll manufactory from China by Everyest Corporation.
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Doll News:

It is to show the current situation of a company, including the company’s development plan, the company’s product recommendation, and the team, but the main axis is to introduce the history of the doll, the knowledge of the doll, the production process, how to check the quality, and the introduction of new doll products . And we will display and share with you on a regular basis.

We are veterans in this industry, because it has been 36 years since 1987 we founde d our factory in Taiwan and moved to Shenzhen / China. I have a clear understanding of the evolution of the entire industry, migration, cognition, and peers, so the news will also be more in-depth. If you are interested in the doll industry and want to know more about it, welcome to write to  and we are happy to communicate with you.

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