This brand comes from Taiwan, is a 35 years old brand, the founder after graduating from university in Taiwan still engaged in radio broadcasting work, later because of the family is very poor, do not want to live a life of comfort and fame in the radio station, after several years of thinking decided to change careers. But at that time, the young founder did not know what industry to switch to, which was also interesting to say. Finally, he went to the library to check the customs data of the ceramic doll industry. There was no obvious peak season in the export of products in Europe and The United States, so he switched to the doll industry with the lowest cost at that time. However, it is very difficult for a layman engaged in the announcer to enter this field. In the process, he experienced many difficulties and then gradually overcame them: for example, he learned tailoring clothes, carving fine doll technology, doll face painting, and how to communicate with customers in English. 

    The belief of life is similar to the craftsman spirit of Japan -- only do one thing in life, and do it well. Therefore, the logo uses the English alphabet of the company to design a newborn baby's side face with eyelashes, which clearly indicates that this is a company specializing in making dolls.

    Shenzhen Ruiwanchang Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 in Longgang, and its parent company Taiwan Guanrong Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 in Taipei. (Baidu can search, enterprises can check) is a set of product research and development design, production, processing and export in one of the high-grade gift toys glue doll professional foreign trade exporters. Traditional products, but the market is broad, from the little girls all over the world are necessary and like the doll doll, has developed to all ages: little girls, young girls, pregnant mothers, grandmothers and so on. A variety of sales channels to create more opportunities. Main products: Honing material - American doll, BJD doll, born again baby, ceramic material - doll, resin material - doll and related gift toy accessories. The company has passed the quality certification of EN71 and ASTM95, and has cooperated with Disney, WALMART, TARGET, LTD, HSE24 and other first-line companies in many countries through cooperation with large chain stores. Sales are mainly based on two platforms of Ali International station (2-year Orange-high-quality sincere enterprise and 12-year Orange-ordinary member), Hong Kong online exhibition, email customer development and a large number of customer resources in Europe and the United States accumulated for many years, overseas exhibition, overseas promotion, SNS social networking platform network.

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