Our History

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Everyest Corporation Attitude – We are a specialized dolls manufactory, and we offer a free consultation. Keep promises: don’t over-promise, and don’t break our trust. Sincere service: treat people with sincerity and serve with heart.

Our Story

Everyest Corporation is a doll factory specializing in manufacturing baby dolls for global importers, wholesalers, and chain stores. Founded in 1987, from the early production of popular ceramic dolls in Europe and the U.S.A. in Taiwan to the current production of popular vinyl dolls in mainland China. Through the rise and fall of the entire industry and changes, it can be regarded as a time-honored company in the Chinese doll production industry.

We are quite well-known among our peers, but because our company is positioned at E.O.M, and we have signed confidentiality agreements with 90% of our doll customers, we only help customers design and manufacture. We do not have our own brand, so we are not well-known among our customers. But as long as the customers who have bought it, unless the CEO has retired or closed the store or changed careers, the business is still cooperating so far. For example, Kingstate Corporation in the U.S.A. (mainly sold to Desny, Walmart, Target, LTD), Bountifulbaby in the United States (the largest supplier of reborn doll kits in the world), TV shopping channel in Germany-HSE24…..etc are all our customers.

Although we have been manufacturing dolls for 35 years, we are not the best and the best doll factory. We just try our best to make the best dolls and are still improving and growing. We do not promise customers at will, but as long as we promise, we will implement it 100%, because this is the company’s principle.

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