We Are a B2B Professional Doll Customization Manufacturer. The Doll Manufacturing for 36 Years. From The Establishment in Taiwan in 1987 to The Move to Shenzhen, Guangdong, it Has a History of 36 Years.

We Have Also Cooperated With Alibaba.com for 15 Years And Are a Senior Doll Supplier.


Here Are Some of Our Product Representatives

In The Past 36 Years, We Have Only Been Engaged in Customer Customization, Research And Development And Manufacturing of Doll Products. It Is a Bit Like The Japanese and The Germans Who Are Deeply Devoted to Craftsmanship. Our Factory is Not Big, With Only 8,000 Square Meters of Space, And The Number of Employees is Only About 250 During The Peak Season.


Founder Mr. James Wang Was Born in Taiwan in 1955 And Now Has 68 Years Old. He Is an All-Round Leader – He Can Communicate in English, Carve Doll Models, Tailor Doll Clothes, Paint Doll Faces, Produce Dolls, And Lead a Team to Manage The Company. Will Motivate Employees.

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Our Shipping Method:

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Material Guarantee: All Materials Produced, Including Enamel Powder For The Head, Hands and Feet of The Main Body, Diluted Blended Oil, Painting Pigments, Clothing Fabrics, Hair Strands, Acrylic Eyes, Leather for Shoes, And Metal Buckles for Accessories, Are All Made in Compliance With ASTM-F963. EN71, CPC Testing Standard, Which Provides Safety Protection for Children.

Product Guarantee: We Emphasize #1.Children!s safety first, #2.Customers Second, and #3.Employees Third. The Products Produced Must Be Safe For Children to Play With.

Service Guarantee: We Have a 2-Year Quality Guarantee. If There is Any Quality Problem, We Will Compensate You.


Our Core:

Although We Also Accept Requests From Customers to Make 3D Models, The Compute Rapid Prototyping Only Looks Like a Doll’s Face, But We Are Better At Hand-Carving By a Master With 20 Years of Experience, And Can Better Capture The Essence of The Doll’s Charm. Just Like The Painter Who Painted Tourists in Paris Square And Picasso’s Paintings, After All, There Is a Big Difference

Cooperate With The World’s Top 500 Banks:

Here is The Account Name and Account Number of Our Only Certified Cooperative Bank. You Are Welcome to Inquire About Our Company’s Economic Strength in The Past 36 Years, Whether We Have Any Record of Default in The Past 36 Years, and Our Integrity in The Bank. Welcome to Inquire About The Website And Contact Number of Our National Bank.


Beneficiary Bank: First Commercial Bank Hua Chiang Branch

Add: 329 Set I wun hua Road, Pan Chiao Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan.


Beneficiary’s Name: Everyest Corporation A/C No. 202-40-001848


Our Payment Terms:

Bank L/C

Bank T/T


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*** You are not expected to place an order right away, nor are you expected to place a large quantity. We prefer that you take samples first to see if you are satisfied with our quality and service? Once you have confidence in our company, then you can place an order.

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