Everyest comes from Taiwan and has been an old brand for 35 years. After graduating from university, the founder was still engaged in radio broadcasting in Taiwan. Later, because his family was very poor, he didn't want to live a life of ease and fame in the radio station.  But at that time, the young founder did not know what industry to do, which is interesting to say. Finally, he went to the library to query the ceramic doll industry from the customs data. There was no obvious off-peak season for the export of the products in Europe and America in a year.  But as a layman working as a broadcaster, it was a difficult career to break into, and there were many difficulties to overcome - such as learning how to tailor clothes, learning how to carve elaborate dolls, learning how to paint dolls' faces, and learning how to communicate with customers in English, to this day.  

    The belief of life is similar to the craftsman spirit of Japan ~ do only one thing in your life and do it best.  So the logo is designed with the company's English letters on the face of a newborn baby doll with eyelashes, making it clear that this is the company that specializes in making dolls.  


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