Credible, lovely and respectable China

2022 is an unforgettable year.

“The epidemic of the century combined with the changes of the century”, condensed in just 10 words, we have experienced more deeply in this year.

2022 China

2022 China

In this turbulent and intertwined era, the world’s attention is more focused on China. Home to one-fifth of the world’s population and the world’s second largest economy, this land has produced the most amazing rise, and the country continues to write wonders in the history of human development.

What China does the world see in 2022?

2022 China

2022 China

Oxford academics see the resilience of the Chinese economy in the “Chinese element” that can be seen everywhere at the Qatar World Cup. In the “space meeting” of six Chinese astronauts, Reuters commentators saw China’s growing technological prowess; In the “Chinese-style rescue” of a motorcycle rider fighting a mountain fire in Chongqing, foreign netizens saw an “unprecedented united nation”…

At the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the world saw China’s sincere invitation to “join the future”. At the Fifth CIIE, the world has seen China’s open posture of “sharing the future in a new era”. In the confident and confident report of the 20th CPC National Congress, the world has seen that “Chinese-style modernization” is exploring a new path for human civilization…

Credible, likable, respectable — this is what China looks like.

China, is credible.

“You can always trust China.” This is a source of genuine pride among Chinese netizens.

China is credible and on schedule.

It is the character of the Chinese people to “keep one’s word and carry it out”. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be the first global comprehensive sports event to be held as scheduled since the epidemic in 2020. Nearly 3,000 athletes from 91 countries and regions showed speed and passion, unity and courage in China. Skiers walk through the “Great Wall of Snow”, Olympic champions wear “Tongxin” gold medal, people all over the world fall in love with “Bing Dwen Dwen”… Under the light of the Snowflake torch, the beauty of China and the Beauty of the Five Rings embraced each other in a romantic manner, leaving an unforgettable impression on the world. International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach exclaimed, “These are truly exceptional Winter Olympics.” In the past year, China has embraced the world with greater openness. High-level opening-up measures have been rolled out in an orderly manner. The negative list for foreign investment access has been reduced. People say, “Investing in China is investing in the future”!

China is credible and consistent.

“My way is consistent”, is the confidence of the Chinese people. China has always cherished peace and development as well as friends and partners. The Belt and Road Initiative is becoming an important engine driving the economic and social development of many countries. From putting forward initiatives to promoting extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, China has consistently kept its promise to the world over the past decade, and worked with all parties to build this popular international public good and platform for international cooperation. The Pelesac Bridge in Croatia was opened to traffic, the Karot hydropower Station in Pakistan was put into operation, and the Central business District of Egypt’s new administrative capital was completed. Along the Belt and Road, you can see the hustle and bustle of construction, the enthusiasm for cooperation and the excitement of friendship. The win-win vision has enabled partners to “vote” with their feet. As of today, 150 countries and 32 international organizations have joined the big family of the Belt and Road Initiative. The quality of cooperation is getting higher, the prospects for development are getting better, and the people have a stronger sense of fulfillment.

China is credible, in the “like words”.

“A word of a gentleman is past recall” is a virtue of the Chinese people.  More than 100 countries and international organizations, including the United Nations, have supported the initiative, and nearly 70 countries have joined the “Group of Friends of Global Development Initiative”. In 2022, China put forward the Global Security Initiative, a Chinese proposal to address international security challenges and achieve long-term peace and stability in the world, which received a positive response from the international community. China has always been true to its words. It is the largest contributor of peacekeepers among the permanent members of the UN Security Council, the most committed country to implementing international conventions such as the Convention on Nuclear Safety and the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, and a country committed to achieving carbon neutrality in the shortest time in global history.

Keep your word, this is China.

China is lovely.

“Chinese people have their own unique romance.” This is the perception of the outside world watching China.

China is lovely in the people.

The Chinese people are simple. A girl with short hair put on gloves, regained the gold belt of the UFC world championship, and won the MMA Female Fighter of the Year award. She is Zhang Weili, born in the small village of Handan, Hebei Province, who is covered with bruises and amazed the world time and time again. A middle-aged man, from youth chasing aerospace dream, 25 years of life on the road again and again “backup”, but never give up and retreat, finally ushered in their own flying moment – he is Deng Qingming, from the distant space to the blue planet waved, he said: “no trace in the sky, the birds have flown; There is no wave on the water. The fish have already swam.” Two ordinary workers, running backward in the falling rocks of a strong earthquake, opened the gate and released water to eliminate the danger of dam break. The scene of sacrificing their lives for righteousness and helping each other is very touching. They are Gan Yu and Luo Yong, ordinary Chinese people, with kind hearts, doing brave things.

China is lovely and in action.

China is pragmatic in its actions. A durian from Thailand has become a hot search on Chinese social media. It has taken the China-Laos railway from the farmers’ plantation in Southeast Asia to the Chinese supermarket — the cross-border transport of railway cold chain, which connects the delicious taste of Chinese people and the joy of farmers in Southeast Asia. A fast train will travel between Jakarta and Bandung this year. It is amazing how high quality and fast the Jakarto-Bandung high-speed rail is being built in Indonesia. Equally impressive is China’s announcement that it aims to plant, protect and restore 70 billion trees in 10 years. This is China’s warm response to the Davos Forum initiative, which means that each Chinese person will have more green trees around, and the earth will increase green patches of vitality.

China is lovely in civilization.

Chinese civilization is inclusive. A Chinese song made former Egyptian Prime Minister Issam Sharaf open his heart: “When I heard the melody of ‘Jasmine Flower’ for the first time, my heart was shaken and I was moved to tears. I felt a long-lost affinity and I was immersed in the beautiful melody.” A beautiful ancient text let the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti – tour of the stars when she sent space photos, in Chinese, Italian, English to write “Lanting collection preface” in the famous sentence: “look up to the universe is big, look at the category, so the swim is great visual entertainment, let alone.”  Jointly promote the true meaning of civilization that values peace, harmony, integrity and knowledge. We have stood firm amid the clamour for a clash of civilizations, jointly advocated dialogue among civilizations, opposed discrimination among civilizations, and safeguarded the diversity of civilizations in the world.”

Share beauty, this is China.

China, is honorable.

“Establish the right position of the world and pursue the road of the world.” This is a thousand years of Chinese tolerance.

China is respectable and open-minded.

A broad mind, a heart of the people. China cares not only about “me”, but also about “us”, about “humanity”. Building a community with a shared future for mankind and promoting the common values of mankind… At a time when the world, times and history are changing at an accelerating pace, China has provided the world with precious certainty and stability. In response to rising global security challenges, China urged leaders of the five nuclear powers to issue a joint statement on preventing nuclear war. In response to the food and energy crisis ravaging the world, China has called for the establishment of a global partnership for economic recovery and proposed an international cooperation initiative on food security. In response to climate change, China is firmly committed to the path of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, and actively promotes the establishment of a fair, reasonable and win-win global climate governance system… This is a major country with the whole world in mind and a major country’s responsibility to take the road ahead.

China is honorable, in the liver.

Be honest and honest. The century-old changes are accelerating, and the world is not a peaceful place. Economic globalization is facing headwinds and the world economy is facing the risk of recession. It is difficult for everyone, especially developing countries. China has extended a helping hand to fully implement the G20 debt relief initiative. Total debt relief has contributed the most to the G20 common framework. China has put forward an action plan on Digital Innovation cooperation to narrow the digital divide between North and South countries and enhance the capacity of developing countries for sustainable development. In the face of the crisis in Ukraine, China will not pull any sides, nor add fuel to the fire, still less take advantage of the situation to profit from it. China deeply points out that there are no winners in conflicts and wars, there is no simple solution to complex issues, and confrontation between major countries must be avoided. China, in its own way, plays a constructive role in promoting peace talks and easing the humanitarian crisis. This is a selfless attitude of a major country and a practical and promising contribution.

China is respectable, in character.

He is personable and has a clank of iron. China has always been kind to others and values peace and harmony, but it has always been free from evil spirits and pressure. Us House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted on her visit to China’s Taiwan region. China resolutely fought and took countermeasures to forcefully combat the US anti-China elements and the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces, fully demonstrating its firm will to safeguard national sovereignty and security. While a few countries have smears China on Xinjiang and human rights issues, China has used the truth to discredit falsehoods and rumors. It has invited the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and many international people to visit Xinjiang and thwarted the attempts of the US and the West on several occasions at the UN platform, thus forming a strong groundswell of support for China’s legitimate position from hundreds of countries. China exposes the false narrative of “democracy and authoritarianism”, with the successful practice of the whole process of people’s democracy, guards the true spirit of democracy, advocates the correct view of democracy, distinguishes right from wrong, stirring up confusion and promoting clarity… This is not only the voice of a great power, but also the character of a great power.

This is China.

2023, welcome together.

The New Year’s bell has rung and new hope is in the making. The Chinese economy is expected to pick up on the whole, the world will embrace new vitality, and China and the world will have more memorable interactions.

Wish the world peace, happiness and tranquility! The sky is free from the smoke of war, the earth is full of flowers of friendship, and the symphony of the community with a shared future for mankind plays a wonderful music of peace and development.

The rotation of the earth has never stopped, and the footsteps of mankind are singing forward.

Walk together, spring flowers!