The facial features are delicateļ¼Œcurved eyebrows, bright eyes, pink cheeks, delicate lips

Artificial professional carving, customizable, fine workmanship, exquisite painting, 3D simulation acrylic eyes, real texture

Implant long hair, thick and smooth hair,  natural and realistic color, not easy to fade, not easy to knot, easy to take care of.

The T-shirt is made of high-quality chiffon fabric, 2.jpg

comfortable to the touch and breathable to wear

Spliced plaid false V collar, bow decoration

Invisible Velcro design, easy to slip on and off

Small flying sleeve design, sweet and lovely

The princess shoes3.jpg

Shoes use PU leather upper, beautiful and durable

Velcro design, easy to slip on and off

Bow decoration, lovely princess style

Foam bottom, soft material, comfortable to wear


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