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FAQ 1.

  • How can I get a quote for my custom doll design project?

Obtaining a Quote for Your Custom Doll Design Project.

Are you ready to bring your unique doll idea to life? Simply follow these steps to receive a personalized project quote:

1.Submit Your Request: Visit our website and find the ‘Contact Us’ form.

2.Provide Details: Fill in the form with details about your custom doll design. The more specific 

you are, the better we can assist you.

3.Consultation Process: After submitting your form, our team will thoroughly review your design 

idea. We will then contact you to discuss your project in detail. This might include aspects such as materials, sizes, and the expected time frame.

4.Receive Your Quote: Based on our consultation, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote 

tailored to your project’s requirements.

Start today and see your dream doll come to life!

FAQ 2.

  • What can I expect in terms of cost for developing a custom doll design?

When considering the creation of a custom doll design, it’s important to be aware of the initial financial investment required. Typically, the development process for a doll, including the design phase, custom sculpting, and bringing the doll up to a pre-production prototype, begins at around $2,500. This initial cost sets the stage for further production and potential adjustments before final manufacturing.

FAQ 3.

  • How long does it take to produce a custom doll with Everyest© product development?

The production timeframe for a custom doll at Everyest© Product Development is not fixed and can range from a few weeks to three months. The total duration largely depends on the collaboration speed through various stages of the development process. Each phase needs to be meticulously completed, affecting how quickly the final product is ready.

FAQ 4.

  • What are the core competitiveness of Everyest© product development department? 

1.CEO: More than 37 years of experience in this doll industry, has worked with many big brand 

   companies, and has rich product knowledge and experience.

2.Designer: More than 20 years of design experience, delicate thinking, and unique matching of  

   doll fabrics, colors, hairstyles, and accessories, which can make dolls show unique charm and  

   give product value.

3.Sculptor: A sculptor with more than 15 years of experience, the fine carving craftsmanship can                     

    reflect the unique and delicate expression changes of the doll’s face. He is a great artist.

4.Tailor: An old tailor with more than 12 years of experience, the tailoring craftsmanship is as fit as 

    Parisian clothing, and can capture the size ratio of each doll’s clothes to create charm and style.

1. Use of Safe Materials to Ensure Children’s Safety. 

2. Custom Size, Skin & Brands For Your Reborn Baby Doll.

3. Skilled Artisans Have Created a Superior Quality Baby Doll. 

4. Enjoy Factory Floor Pricing.

5. 1200+ Happy Clients Worldwide.

Customized Project

1. Customized Dolls

2. Customized Doll Clothes

3. Customized Doll Shoes

4. Customized Doll Hair 

5. Customized Doll Eyes


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What Can We Give You?

We Are a Professional Reborn Baby Doll, American Doll & Doll Clothes Wholesale Customized Manufacturer. 

A Professional OEM/ODM Dolls Customized With 37 Years Experience. Contact Us to Help You Start From The Initial Idea in Your Mind, Formulate It From Scratch, And Complete The Physical Finished Product. Cooperating With Us Can Help You Make Good Profit.

German Proverb: Business Is Business, Beer Is Beer. Doing Business Also Takes a Long Time, Don’t Fight For a Day or Night. 

You Are Welcome to Get Samples First And Then Place a Trial Order. Once You Have Confidence in Our Quality, Service, And Reputation, Please Place a Big Order Then.

Why Choose Us?

Adhering to The Craftsmanship Spirit of Japanese Companies, We Have Only Made One Product for 37 Years, And We Want to Do It Well.

37 Years of Reputation And Expertise, And Backed By a Dedicated Team of Experienced Craftsmen, We Tailor-Make Dolls And Doll Clothing Solutions to Meet And Exceed Your Precise Specifications.

What Can We Offer You?

EVERYEST is Not Only a Professional Doll Customizer, But Also The Team Has Various Talents, Industry 

  • Analysts With 37 Years Up of Experience, 
  • Designer With 20 Years Up of Experience, 
  • Sculptor With 15 Years Up of Experience, 
  • Tailors With 12 Years Up of Experience. 

Traditional/Modern Craftsmanship, The Collision of Chinese And Western Concepts, You Can Get Such Rich Resources in Return When You Buy a Doll With Us.

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