• American Girl Dolls Manufactory from China by Everyest-2
  • American Girl Dolls Manufactory from China by Everyest-2
  • American Girl Dolls Manufactory from China by Everyest-3
  • American Girl Dolls Manufactory from China by Everyest-4
  • American Girl Dolls Manufactory from China by Everyest-5
  • American Girl Dolls Manufactory from China by Everyest-6

American Girl Dolls Manufactory from China

We Are a B2B OEM/ODM Customized Factory,

Understand Your Pain Points and Solve Your Needs.

#1. Discover the Secret Behind Doll Skins: Will They Stay Matte or Turn Oily?

#2. Step into Quality: Unveiling Doll Shoes That Won’t Fall Apart!

#3. Eyes that Mesmerize: Ensuring Your Doll’s Gaze Stays Crystal Clear!

#4. Tangle-Free Tresses: Find the Perfect Doll Hair Net That Won’t Drip Glue!

#5. Quality Unveiled: Seek a Professional Supplier with Unwavering Stability!

1. Use of Safe Materials to Ensure Children’s Safety. 

2. Custom Size, Skin & Brands For Your Reborn Baby Doll.

3. Skilled Artisans Have Created a Superior Quality Baby Doll. 

4. Enjoy Factory Floor Pricing.

5. 1200+ Happy Clients Worldwide.

Customized Project

1. Customized Dolls

2. Customized Doll Clothes

3. Customized Doll Shoes

4. Customized Doll Hair Style

5. Customized Doll Eyes


Professional OEM/ ODM dolls

Reborn Dolls

Realistic Reborn

american girl doll

Dolls for Girl

BJD Doll

Ball Jointed Doll

Doll Accessories

Doll Accessories


What can we give you?

1. The 37-year professional customization team can provide you with unique experience, help you avoid misunderstandings, reduce costs, and make you profitable.
2. Our products use materials that meet international safety requirements, so that your consumers can feel at ease after buying.
3. Continuous 2-year after-sales service guarantee.

Why choose us?

1. With 37 years of OEM manufacturing experience, you can’t find another high-quality factory with 37 years of experience in the whole of China, which can provide you with free consultants. “Experience is the most precious and priceless thing”.
2. Low quantity of MOQ makes it easy for you to sell without worrying about a large amount of money and inventory backlog, allowing your business to operate flexibly.
3. Help customers solve problems. We don’t understand your positioning and consumers’ concerns, but we understand products and markets.

What can we give you?

Why are we special?
Our team has: 37 years of experienced professionals, 30 years of doll designers, 15 years of skilled engravers, and 10 years of tailors, tailor-made for your products. This is something we have that others don’t have.

We provide one-stop service, which can reduce your time for trivial matters. Reduce the waste of your time and spend more energy on selling your products to customers.

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