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Little princess american girl doll 18in
Published:[2020-5-21] Visitors:[501]
1. This doll is suitable for 3-8 year old girls to play with
2. The head, hands and feet are vinyl materials
3. Cotton-filled cloth body
4. The head, hands, and feet can be rotated to make a moving posture.
5. Blue active eyes can also be opened and closed.
6. The hair is high-grade hair, long hair can not be combed, no knot, suitable for little girl to dress her hair
7. The upper body wears a cute short-sleeved sweater with a white princess silk print on it
8. The lower body is wearing a pink skirt with organza material and a cute big bow in front

9. Wearing a pair of uppers made of bright rose onion cloth and black plastic bottomed toe shoes,

 there are 2 more bows on the toe

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Jennifer Liu
Jennifer Liu
Jennifer Liu