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Your baby need a friend-Reborn baby doll kids
Published:[2020-5-14] Visitors:[442]

reborn baby doll is designed by artists. Every inch of this lifelike baby doll is handcrafted, painted by hand.

 The skin is the most unique place of the doll, a lot of time is spent on baby's skin to make it look more realistic,

 multi-layer manufacturing process. This baby is 100% handmade craftwork with hand painting.

Caring for the baby

The head, 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs are made of soft silicone vinyl materials. The shoulder and body are cloth body with internal filling PP cotton. 

You will feel very good when you touch the baby doll. The limbs are movable, the doll can sit and lay down easily, 

but CANNOT stand and speak. The body has no gender

The hair is hand rooted mohair (fabric made from the real hair of the Angora goat).

 The hair can be any shape and fixed, just like a real baby's hair. It can be washed. You can also make hair cut for a better style. 

If the hair is a little messy, please use the special wig comb and take care of it gently.

Lifelike reborn babies

baby has charming big eyes, the eyes are made by the high quality acrylic, they look like a real baby's eyes, clear and bright,

 extremely realistic.

 The eyes can't blink and close. Some of the reborn dolls are sleeping so their eyes can't be opened.


Do not throw this doll and never slap on a table. Avoid using ink and markers near your dolls since they can be stained and 

permanently damaged. It is best to keep the doll out of direct sunlight and to dust it regularly. Keep the doll in the protecting bag when storage. 

Please take care of the handmade rooted mohair. You can also make the hair cut for a better style. 

If the hair is a little messy, please use the special wig comb and take care of it gently. 

Just treat the doll as a real baby. Please take care when touching the heads or removing the clothing.

As a reliable and experienced manufacturer here, we have been specializing in providing our customers 

with exclusive high-end vinyl dolls and doll accessories.

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