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EVERYEST, creating a happy kingdom for children around the world
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James Wang, the founder of EVERYEST, was born in an ordinary family in Taiwan. His father,

who was the pillar of his family, died young and then his family became poor.

 In childhood, James has always envied the children of the same age. 

Those children not only have all kinds of toys, but also have endless laughter. 

The childhood experience made James gradually realize that love playing is the nature of every child,

 and toys are the best choice to release the nature of children.

After adulthood, the idea of creating a happy childhood for the children gradually occurred to James. 

In 1987, under various circumstances, James began to enter the doll industry. In the same year,

 under the management of James, the EVERYEST factory was established in Taipei County, Taiwan.

EVERYEST was founded mainly with the sale of European-style porcelain dolls. 

The porcelain doll industry requires professional knowledge and skills. 

It is difficult for laymen to get involved, even if a lot of time and effort has been taken to explore.

James did not shrink when he faced all those difficulties. Instead, he began to plan his career carefully.

 He worked tirelessly to learn the tailoring and sewing techniques of the Japanese sewing class teacher, 

and then went to the ceramic firing factory in Miaoli, southern Taiwan to study doll carving and painting of the head,

 hands and feet. In the meantime, James always held a firm belief that he would be able to expand his own business as long as

 he became more focused and professional. To this end, James participated in many exhibitions in different countries, 

and he has traveled to more than 30 countries to see the lives of local children.

James is over 60 years old now. However, he still insists on providing products and services to customers in the doll industry. 

He always hopes that the dolls he created will be brought to different places in the world, creating endless joy for the local children. 

Watching the children grow up healthily and happily makes him feel happy.

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