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1955 in Taiwan a founder called James Wang grew up in a poor family. His parents are both illiteracy. When he was 11 years old, he went through the miserable time in his childhood. Father pass away, all the burden fell on his mother¡¯s shoulders. his mother brought up 5 child. Because all of them grew up in a poverty-stricken surroundings. Therefore let he develop unyielding, tenacious, hardworking, honest character.

in 1979, after he was released from military service, he worked in a trading company that did business of importing & exporting cloth. So that he know well many kind of cloth. And then, he came back to be a announcer that was my majored in in his college time.

1981 He married, he found he have to live a kind of fixed salary every month that make him upset. he decided quit and looking a new life. During that time he found porcelain doll would be a potential industrial, as there are only a few of person doing this industrial. It would have a wonderful future of doing porcelain doll business. He think this principle that whichever job he choose. he study this industrial and the design skill of this industrial. So that he with his wife to learn sewing .

However, in 1981 the difficulty came out that every sewing cram school only accept female students. When they were struggling how to solve this problem, a favorable turn came out. A experienced and skilled woman sewer would like teach them sewing. They lost them selves in learning sewing. They spent their learning sewing time as so.   

In 1987, he set up a factory inTaiwan Panchao, thus can control the quality and let many customers rely on our products quality.

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